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  • Booyah's Ben Marlow allowed my wife and I to participate in today's great technology at home. His installation helped make possible 2 home HD TVs, 2 HD Tivos, 2 IMACs and an IPAD all talking to each other wirelessly. He helped move from the old PC, gave us better backup and streaming video downloads, integrated old and new equipment, obtained the right service from Comcast, and put entertainment next to my treadmill. He is very responsive, works very fast, and barely slows down for the inevitable problems that would otherwise bring me to a complete halt. –Ed Kennedy

  • Booyah Technologies DELIVERS! Ben promised us an amazing, fully integrated home automation system and worked tirelessly to bring together a seamless and RELIABLE system. My family is 100% satisfied with the technology, support and "wow" factor of the user experience. I can highly recommend Ben and the his team to anyone looking to hire an experienced and professional team that delivers.–Harry Guleria